About Million Pieces of Plastic

Join Sierra Club Massachusetts’ Toxics Team for a week of action! During Earth Week 2023 we will be sharing photos of the plastic pollution crisis from around the state and calling for bold actions to address this issue.

Background & Context

The Massachusetts Sierra Club has been advocating to reduce plastic pollution and possible exposure to toxics caused by single-use products from bags to beverage bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any plastic pollution you see out in the world! It could be on the side of the road, in a tree, in your yard, etc! Make sure the plastic is in focus, in the center of your image, and there isn’t too much going on in the background.

Here’s an example of a good photo:

No! The only required field is a municipality, so you can be as specific as you’d like beyond that. It can simply be the street name if you don’t want to give a full address.

There are many ways to take action! Sharing this opportunity with family and friends, getting involved with Sierra Club’s toxics team, and starting a single-use plastic ban in your town are just a few examples. Sign up for our mailing list below if you’d like to be sent direct action opportunities this week and beyond.


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